A comedy horror silent movie...

I think I know where to go with this next movie, it does not really make sense with words, so I'll stay silent.
You'll have to imagine this image in black and white looking like 1920's movies, I'll edit the whole thing then I will add effects.
I guess.
I might be too curious to see what's the final result while I'm still editing.
I want it to be a silent movie because I want to play with expressionism kinda light and general look. But this is for a contest, and one of the 5 rating categorys is "sound design"...
So maybe will I cheat, put a few sounds fx and music from the game... Dunno yet.

Now, the Stage 6 incident !!!!!

"-Sorry, but we were forced to remove your content because it exceeded the limits of what you should be using the site for in violation of our Terms of Use..."

I have checked the Stage 6 forum, lot's of users have this problem of video dissapearing without having any more explanations, mails after emails...
So I tried to upload it again, and it refuses... I tried to upload another movie, it works... So I'll find a way to get it online. But I'll not know the reason why they took it away... Bandwith ? The too scary UDMTV ? The gay Draenei Inn Uranus ? Or maybe one of the moderator is the son of a chicken... I'll never know, and I hope this wont happen again.