Eat the rich !

I'm not fond of Aerosmith but I've spend the day in St Tropez and
I saw people today with sunglasses that cost what I can earn in a decade if I stop making machinimas and get a second job.

BTW, if you're rich, reading this on your Alienware laptop while the yacht is leaving the pier, I badly need a decent computer, so if your old one is just good enough to play Doom3 full options on, don't throw it down the sea !

For thoses who don't have much money, there comes some

Free Images !

Almost done, I just have to finish the "older, much older but still looking good" effects, photoshop the texts that will show when they speak (french and english). I'm having a lot of problems with Vegas these days, sometimes I have to redo from start, my projects become corrupted (red timeline)... I hate that.