O-Oh freedom over me-ee-eee !

I've spend my evening and a bit of the night editing on a GREAT dancehall reggae music with a couple of trolls at Yojimbo Island for NST2.
It's quite relaxing ! :D
This time I've been trying a new method. Yesterday night I did the model capture then I edited the whole clip without any background.
Tonight I've been hunting landscapes in the game itself fitting my captures and I've finished this short sequence.

I like this way of working since it makes me able to focus first on character animations and action than on images composition that comes second.
But I will not use it too much because I'm sure it leads to redundancy, but once in a while it could be useful.

Oh, and I'll never use again clothes with green+red+blue colors because it's really hard to chroma key ^^.

Finally I'm on vacation ! I dont realize it yet because it's friday night and that's just an average end of the week for the moment. I've just put my hands on the last 5 episodes of LOST 3 so I guess tomorrow night wont be a very creative one. 8)

I told you this blog would be palpitating !

I'm not sure I'm gonna write something here everyday but tonight, I truly wish I will.