Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.

That's what Albert Camus used to say.
So I'm free now ! Free from this daily shitty job that was "making the marmit boil" and also "adding butter into spinach". But no need to "grab my head" !
(If you get that you can easily learn french)

I'm not feeling like editing for the moment, projects are maturating somewhere in my skull.

Two projects, and that's the first time I can't focus only on one movie. I got ideas coming for both and that's not helping me starting to edit. So I'll let things maturate and take a break.
The translation of " The Ballade of the Sex Fiend " is now done, a huge truck full of "thank you you're so nice" to Vilaeryn.
The second project is written, translated by a friend who is an english teacher.
This will take place in Nagrand, and that's all I can tell you untill I begin to edit it. ^^