I started out to be a sex fiend, but I couldn't pass the physical

That's what Robert Mitchum used to say.
There I start a new music video today, got plenty of time now and I had 22 days of vacation left so unemployement offices says I'm in vacation ! hehe.

So, yep, gonna be a comedy music video, made on a french song called "La ballade de l'obsédé" that can be translated "The ballad of the sex fiend". It's about a special way of life, and there's a chance it will be rated "P" for Pervert. The song is from Richard Gotainer that is a real genius.

This video is not gonna be easy at all, It may take some weeks. But I'm happy to work on this, I'll try to make it as funny and pery as I can.

Oh and the Baron who sends me this today :

UEv0 is killing me !!! Can't wait anymore !!!