I love Blizzard.fr <3

Sometimes, I'm almost certain that there's no way my videos could be featured on official sites.
Some even ask me to make censored version so they can talk about it, wich I can't do for religious reasons.
In the meantime, some other, from the Blizzard mother ship, are just talking about it on the frontpage of the official site.
Thanks a lot Thyvene for this wonderfull presentation of the National Geographic, I know my english sucks but I wanted to translate it anyway ! ^^

Don't be fooled by an elekk (joke with the name of a french movie) You who always wanted to know more about those strange creatures that elekks are, Olibith gave you his last video as a gift for the end of the year. Meet Woody Forest, great reporter at National Discovery who will explain everything about elekks life. You'll discover how elekks became... elekks, and the part they played in the evolution of life in Outland. If you think they're just harmless and insignificant creatures, you're wrong...

Have my babies Thyvene !!!!

I'm gonna take a break now, next video must be a big one, I just had the idea, it will be some kind of crazy TV channel surfing, think I'm gonna call it "Never Say Tuna 3" because I like nonsenses.

Bang bang !

I'll keep on writing here if I have anything funny to say !
So, stay tuned !