Guess who's back !

If you can guess what this screen is about, you must be Baron of something

Time to start this year with another machinimaaaaaaaaaaaah !
Started editing NST3 last week, well, I got the intro done, the music for the credits choosen and some ideas for next scenes !

Oh, The BitFilm Festival is calling for entries :

The Bitfilm Festival is calling for entries. Since
2000 it shows films that use digital technology in a creative and
innovative way. Bitfilm 2008 will start with an opening event in
Stuttgart, Germany, from May 1 to 8, which will be embedded into the
International Festival for Animated Film and the FMX Conference.

The Internet audience will decide on the Bitfilm Awards and 10 000 Euro
prize money in an online voting from May 1 to July 1.

The winner films will be disclosed at the Bitfilm Festival Hamburg from
July 10 to 12.

Films may be submitted until March 1, 2008 as digital video files under:

I don't know yet wich 2007 movie will I submit...
Maybe the Sex Junkie.