The fool on the chicken hill

The eyes in his head see the fucking chicken

Every juicy chickens you eat once was a cute tiny little yellow thing, think about it. You got to let them grow. Those images are looking a bit like it's "Texas chainsaw massacre" with chickens, in fact it's more like a James Bond intro.

That awful sound...

This third channel surfing is taking me a lot of time and I don't have much. So, little by little I reach what must be the middle of it in terms of length. And I'm not counting the guests videos.
One of the secret guest-I-wont-tell-you-now-who is making a Nintendo video game parody, something that already looks hilarious.
Talking about games, I got to finish NST3 before april 29th, because I'm leaving for a long long vacation in Liberty City.

The biggest and the best sandbox ever, believe the Gnome !