Shameless Self GG Quality Time

Tamagoshi wasabi subaru ?

Never Stay Tuned 3 gets a lot of love and I'd like to thank again those who are a huge part of this succes ; Ian Beckman, Dopefish and the Baron and all those who helped a lot. A whole lot of admiring comments everywhere talking about the amazing guest videos (Youtube, WCM...)

Blizzard France and Daghorn did another great news on the frontpage :

It says something I can badly translates with my friend the english translator as :
"Olibith comes back to us after an extended vacation, and delivers the so expected next part of his channel surfing : Never Stay tuned 3 ! Once again, our film director enriches his recipe by ideas which alone the mind of a gnome can find, the whole was made more dynamic by a nervous editing. And as our film director is exported, he does not hesitate to spread a bit of typically French provocation"

Youtube's stats are also sweet

Oh and Olibith's machinimas have been seen more than a million time at !!

The gnome is quite honored that 6 days after NST3 release, the cornerbox ad is still there and the video featured. A big thanks to WCM for giving such a large audience to this video !

So now that I did something that needed a lot of thinking (hahaha.. Hmmm) let's do something twice as dumb without any sense !! If I edit it fast and release it right after NST3, people might forgive me who knows ?

I've been trying to machinimate inside an Unreal3 map. But the framerate, even with low settings, was too low to capture a video. So I just did a lot of good quality screenshots of the place that I'll use as backgrounds. I have to do that a lot, sometimes even with WoW.

So it's gonna be a japanese movie.

Mitsubishi sapporo pokemon !!!

The story of a young boy who saw his family sadistically killed and who decides to get revenge 8 years later. More about it soon !

Anyway :