Beautiful contest

Blizzard just hit the european machinima community with a damn good contest !
A bit less than a month to make a 4 minute movie, what is really great is that there's total freedom, could be a comedy, a drama.. Anything we want except copyrighted material other than Blizzard property. That leaves a wide choice we're not use to in such contest.

A second contest is about making a 40 seconds max machinima TV advertisement about any WoW item. This also is a great idea giving a lot of freedom to machinimakers.

I'm sure the competition will be very hard, there'll be a lot of us wanting this wonderful laptop PC that is pretty much what anyone would need to make great machinimas.
So I took Vilaeryn and Shockdingo by my side and now comes the time to machinimate again.

I'll not post here any screens or infos about this video, I'll just make sure that, for once, It can be rated T for Teen... That could be the hardest part. The script is already written, Vil will have to rewrite the lines and make a few voice acting, Shock will have to perform the rest of the lines.
Then, I should be ok to begin editing.

All I can tell you is that it's gonna be a comedy.