Sick my duck

That's my beach !

Looking like some people are offended by some subliminal images that are inside "Tunasushi".
I was almost sure to have issues with the use of random japanese words and cliche.
And nope, 0.001% of this video created a lot of reactions.
On youtube, most of the comments are about them and people don't really get the point or at least find this funny.

WoW Insider was the place where shocked people decided to meet.

I suggest you have a look to the comments, but there's a chance it could be locked/erase sooner or later, so... Let me give you here my "very best of" :

So Thanks a lot to those who tried to explain things to them (Yeng, Matthew Rossi, Voldamir, Michel, Gadai, jten11 and the others).

As I said right there,
I was just trying to add more jokes to this video.

If I ever felt like making those images subliminals, they'd never saw them and they'd be eating sushis naked in a schoolyard right now.