May the dragon full of win only roast my hot-dogs & never burn my buns.

I got teh HDX Dragon !

This 14 pounds "laptop", WWI Best Movie award price, made it to my appartment, that's an amazing machine and I'm SO happy.
Man, what a monster ! I never saw WoW running so good, even Shattrath does not lag at all !!!
So before being totally relax, I had to install WoW, wowmodelviewer and wowmapviewer and see if Vista was not too difficult with them.
And everything works fine !
I now have no more excuses not to learn After Effect and I'll be able to edit several layer at the same time in Vegas or even capture video ingame with more than 10 fps !!!!!
Can't tell you how glad the gnome is.
This machinima PC comes just when I'll have to move to the new place and I'll have to wait until at least september before I can edit anything again. But with this laptop, even in the worst mess I'll still be able to learn some AE tutorials.
Add to this PC a Nokia cellphone price of the fake commercial award, a roxxor quadcore Intel processor price for Best Editing Award and 3 years of WoW !!!, one year for each award.
Gonna do all I can to be fair with my co-workers on this project.

There be no braver dwarf than Dave

Still waiting for Blizzard to upload the videos (trailer/movie/commercial), I hope it will be up soon.