One More Award !!!!

Another award today !!! that's embarrassing, people may thing I cheat...

One day after release, I'm getting better things are slowing down. Excellent feedback from everywhere especially France, my kinky country.
But strangely, more people than the usual are not happy with The Bountiful Chest at
I can't guess why.
Anyway, when people are rating my movie and not the fact that it won awards, they mostly like it.

Game-TV made a very nice header !!

I'll sure be back if I get new feedback or another award.
Ohhh and by the way !!
Results of the

I was so certain that Baron Soosdon would won the machinima award with the best machinima music video ever in my opinion : I'm So Sick.
That's a very different kind of machinima that won the award. I hope that Soos had a great time there, Hamburg people from the Bitfilm are just great.

Surrounded by World of Warcraft craps, poor Robert