All fun and games !

Mark my words, one day there'll be ingame TV sets in WoW !

AFK pl@yers did it again with an hilarious machinima, a channel surfing in the world of Warcraft.
This concept sounds familiar to me and I really love what they did with it, once again their editing is perfect.
OMG they killed Olibith !

Wrath of a Couch Potato is amazingly funny and you really got to check this out !
If you look closer, there's a chance you'll see a purple turban in a usual dying cameo. Another reason for the Gnome to be proud !

I really loved the TeleZombies part like everyone I guess, but everything in this machinima is so well done that it's hard to choose the part you prefer.

Places I absolutely got to check before machinimating...

Yep, I should be machinimating right now, I got a PC on a desk (mmmh HP Dragon) with a chair in front of it and most people would not see any reason why I'm not already making a new video.

But I've been computerless since 4 month now, that means I've missed so many things... First of all, Wrath of the Lich King. How can I seriously machinimate anything WoW related if I've never been in Northrend ? So right now I'm leveling the Gnome (lvl73). And Santa is surely gonna bring me 2008 games I did not have time to play yet, like Fallout3, Bioshock (yep I'm very late I know), Farcry2, Resistance2, Dead Space or even Little Big Planet ("Uncharted" is now platinium Santa and I've never played it !)... Who knows ?

What ?? Clothes ?? What kind of present is that ? Clothes ??

My love for video games, wich is one of the reason I machinimate, will be the reason why I'm not machinimating during december.

There's a video I promised to make, a sexy curvy pop star from Azeroth asked me for something and that will be my next machinima. So Never Stay Tuned 4 will have to wait a little.
Let's say that I'll start next year on this new project, sorry to keep you waiting.