The Magical Mystery Tour

Not over yet, many things left to do but I'm broke, so be it.

I can finally machinimate again !!!!!
A desk, right there in front of me ! With an DSL line working !! Electricity !! A chair !!
Feels good after 3 month living in a warzone breathing white dust and smelling solvants.
Just when the New Wowmodelviewer is finally out and working ! Just great.

I'm now working for one of the biggest Star of Azeroth !
For some contractual reason, I can not mention any name yet, all I can tell you is that it's gonna be a live concert in Dalaran. The video is gonna be about this special evening but also about the Star ; the little moments I'll be able to witness and all those fans from all over the world (of Warcraft).

Yep that's a lot of gnomes, but never enough to me.

From a machinima point of view, I plan on testing a lot of new tools and tricks with this video.
I got to create a huge crowd, well as big as I can, I need smooth and wide camera moves, some textures might need a little relooking and of course the scenery with lights and effects... So, of course, there will be lot's of things to learn and many problems to solve for me, so I can't give any release estimation now. I'll have to watch several concert video to dig for ideas and things to spoof, as usual. Any propositions on what I should watch is welcome^^.

Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone.