I am Only Sleeping

April 2007,
It was machinima fever, I was working on my movies almost day and night. If there's a band I can listen to all day long, it's The Beatles. I heard this song while working on The Bull Gnome, started to have images coming and decided to make a music video. I spent a very long time on this one, the kaleidoscopic scene alone took me more than 30 hours, but it was so damned fun to do and I was so proud of the result. Sony Vegas was now my favorite software ever, I was not even playing WoW or any video games anymore, had no time to.
A few month later, I was selected for the BitFilm festival machinima section.
It feels very good the first time one of your work is selected.
When the result came out and I saw that this music video won the first price, it took some times for me to realize this was for real.

I've been invited to the ceremony in Barcelona.
Just when I came out of the train, a pickpocket took my wallet... and there I was in Spain, without a single coin to spend and no credit card.
The Bitfilm crew took me to my hotel room, that was in fact a very small room with no door in an old squat. Probably the dirtiest place I ever slept in even if I was used to punk squats in France. But it was feeling great anyway, me and my cockroaches friends were ready for the ceremony.

Even if this festival was just about pretending to be something big on the web with the lowest budget possible on any other feature, I had a great time and came back home with a random plastic robot toy as a trophy and a signed color photocopy certificate.

Later, the city of Hamburg that was sponsoring the event gave me an unbelievable €1500 check!

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