Previously on LOST

April 2007
I've been a LOST fan till the very last episode where I felt like this show was one of the biggest waste of time of my life. Not the time I spent on watching it, but the time I spent elaborating theories when the writers were just slowly screwing us without any idea where they were going to.

So in April 2007, I was still thinking this show made any sense and I wanted to make a parody out of it. For the first time I needed voice acting, I decided that I could try to do this myself. I was not sure that people would understand a single word so I subtitled the whole video in English. WindowsMovieMaker was history, I now was working with Sony Vegas and for the first time, I was chroma keying characters on a background. It was like magic to me and changed forever the way I was making videos. This was my very first attempt at telling a story, I had to write a script!!!