Sorry for the spam !

So many blog entries in one afternoon... Sorry if you were spammed.
I had to create a blog entry for each of my machinima in order to fix the broken links.
So every movie link now takes you to a specific page without leaving this blog.
I plan on adding a download link, screenshots and some infos for each machinima.

What has been eating this ugly little thing ?

My next movie will be called "Beware of the Baby B". I uploaded it to the Alienware contest and it might be released by February 15th. It had to be a 3 minutes max movie with no copyrighted music so I took several different musics from Blizzard games. The story had to be about a character's rise to power, my choice was... Willy !

Is there a hero in Stormwind to save us ? A brave man ? A dog ? a small dog ??

Oh and there now are more than 1000 Olibith's fan on Facebook, I promised an naked Olibith wallpaper to celebrate this, you can download it here :