The Urban Spaceman

Summer 2006, there was no raid in my guild that night and I was feeling a little bored.

Surfing the internet I found a link to FRAPS and realized that my computer was good enough to capture ingame videos.
This was a low quality but brand new PC, my first PC. I bought it just to be able to play WoW decently, with my good old Mac G3 733mhz I was getting 1 frame every 3 or 5 seconds in Ironforge and going to the auction house was taking me like half an hour.

I also discover that evening that Windows Movie Maker was already on my PC!!
So I decided to make a music video about my main character : Olibith. The music choice was easy, as a Monty Python absolute fan, I picked "The Urban Spaceman" from Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.
4 hours after, the video was done and I was pretty proud of myself. I uploaded it to my Youtube channel and linked it to my raid forums.
As people were enjoying the video, I decided to make another one someday.
So expect low quality, FRAPS watermark, cursor showing, well... every single n00b stupid errors possible.