Why do Birds ?

August 2006
Now that everyone in my raid knew about my videos, I asked for some help. This time I realized that this virtual movie set that is WoW was full of actors! This was my first and maybe the last time I shot ingame actors. Directing a bunch of people in a 3D environment using TeamSpeak while holding the camera and recording the sequences I needed was not something I enjoyed much. Mostly because there's no room for imagination when you got so many things to do at the same time. I guess that's why cinema directors work with a technical crew. The music choice came while watching "There's Something About Mary".

There's this famous scene where Ben Stiller is in the toilet, taking a piss while looking at a couple of doves on a branch through the window. The music making this sequence a "perfect moment" just before everything goes totally wrong is "Close to you" by the Carpenters. I heard this song many times before but this time it was stroked by it's funny side and I decided to toy around with it. I was still working with an unregistred FRAPS, WindowsMovieMaker and Photoshop.