All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl !

That's what J.L Godard used to say.
Well this time I think I got it right. There's a gun and some girls in NST2.
I've just spend hours making the credits, and as it is rendering right now since 90 minutes, I can see in the preview window one or two things that make me wanna work on it a bit again.

I wanted to have the TV showing every sequences in front of the credits, so it's a cruel job for my humble PC that has something like 10 video layers to compute while I still need to surf the Internet.

So, now that NST2 is almost inside the oven, let's see what thoses guests sequences smell like !

Mmmm.. I can tell you that smells really good !

So I still have to make the final cut with the credits, create a movie icon, write a presentation, render the whole movie in high definition, see how much that weight, render one or two lighter videos maybe if it's too heavy, upload it at 16Mo/sec on WCM, render the Stage6 divx, render an ugly one for YouTube, upload both.

Let's say you'll see it for your saturday's breakfast (GMT+1 :D).