Buttercup !

I did the dwarf scene audio today.
It took more time than I thougt, I had to make chicken noises and shout insanity trying to sound like a dwarf... I don't know if my social life will be the same anymore.

As I still had a couple of hours I also did two very very short clips. Once of them is about a famous Ogres singing band from Mosh'Ogg and the other about one of those stupid TV games on ROX.

I'll decide tomorrow if NST2's done or not yet. I have to watch it several times and move parts till I find the good rythm or not. ^^

I told a doctor today that sometimes at night I was snoring. I was forced to. Next thing I know, I have a 16 inches flexible tube sticked up into my left nostril.
All this hell just to hear him say that everything was OK.