Nature just told me I had the wrong job.

I've been fired today !
If my memory is not too destroyed by my psychedelic youth, I think that's the first time in my life. For economical reasons they said !
This was a shitty job anyway, something like answering the phone all day long and "creating" customized birth cards with customers on Xpress. The only good part with this job was that I was also selling them my own cartoons when they needed new birth cards.
I still have to work there for a month, don't know yet if I will.

And now for some Machinima news !

I was really happy to see NST2 featured on

I did not even had to upload it ! That's great.

As the Baron, I also had a mail from the Dragoncon film festival :

Dear Machinimist,
"CONGRATULATIONS! We're pleased to inform you that Never Stay Tuned (Part 1) has been selected for screening during the primary screening segment at the 2007 DragonCon Film Festival's first annual Machinima Segment! In addition, I'm Only Sleeping been selected for screening during the additional screening segment! "

Splendid ! Great ! I wish I could go to Atlanta to see my movies on a 15 ft screen. Thanks againt to Christina Rollins who's in charge of the machinima segment.

Do you remember my Michael Jackson issue ?
Well, I had an answer from Moritz Hirchenhain and the Bitfilm Festival.
Believe it or not, it was close to my imaginary hippie answer and so, I sent them "I'm Only Sleeping" and the press kit. I know that's risky, but the moment somebody says "this is very risky" is the moment things becomes very attractive to me.
Will I go to Hell before going in court ? Time will tell.