Smooth criminal

I just received an email :
"Congratulations! Your film The Beatles, I'm only sleeping has been selected for the official competition of the Bitfilm Festival. It's been a tough decision to choose - we are once more overwhelmed by the high quality of the entries. "

That's pretty cool and I was quite happy for about half an hour.
Then I realized something. I decided to write a letter to the assistant director Festival :

Hi Moritz,

First, thanks a lot for the selection, when I submitted "The Beatles : I'm Only Sleeping" I 'd never thought one day I'd have a movie in a festival, you made my day.

But... There's one small thing that bugs me since I received your mail.

I'm not Michael Jackson.
It may be a good thing for my baby daughter but when it comes to own the Beatles copyrights it sucks badly.

As a lam first timer, I've read the rules of the contest about an hour ago and found this :
By submitting a film you declare that you have all the rights on the submitted works and that you accept full liability if any third party's rights are violated.
That's the exact moment I realized I was not Michael Jackson.

What if he is in Hamburg during the Festival ?
I think he might love the movie and want to hire me, but what if I'm wrong ?
What if there's is copyright issues ?
I know that would be my problem and not yours, but what I need to know is how do you fell about it ?
Do you think there's a chance John Lennon realise he was violated and summons Michael Jackson to sue me ?

Please tell me because the idea of being part of the Bitfilm festival is huge to me, I just want to know if the chances I get myself into hell are also huge.

Best Regards,


PS : Press photos and PAL DV are waiting for your answer to travel to Germany.

What kind of answer do I hope to get ? Well, the kind of hippie answer, kinda No worry man ! Your movie's soooooooooooo cool there's not a single chance you'd have problems with it. Let me tell you something, if Michael Jackson comes and try to get crazy with esse, I beat the shit out of him and Bitfilm festival takes all responsabilities. Sleep tight Olibith, life's a beach !

Well... I'm only sleeping, I can't be really really bad...