Such a perfect (Machinima) day !

First in the morning, I have the Baron sending me a part of Unlimited Escapism 0, that is pure madness, very very exciting and beautiful !

Then I come home and see that Snacky's Journal 3 is out, Stone Falcon Productions won the BlizzCon movie award with a fucking brilliant movie !! I love this episode big big time !!

And if that wasn't enough for a day, Spiffworld comes out with a new music video that is very daring and funny as always. Future Soon is a splendid music video you HAVE TOO SEE !

So I decided to watch once again The Halloween special from Oblivious Films and I laughed one more time. I must have seen it 10 times since it's up.

I can tell you that all theses talents are motivating !!
So that's with about 60% of adrenaline in my blood that I came back to play with the Sinatra family tonight.

This is getting a little out of hand, the models seems to do what they want to and I'm pretty lost this time I don't know where they're taking me ! I did not wanted it to be psychedelic in the first place. Someone please help me !

No it's ok, everything is going as planned, I just wish I had more time to edit, but there was so many good things to watch today !