Working on sunday is bad m'kay ?

A lot of editing today. I had an idea for a warcraftmovie-promo-clip this afternoon, so I stopped for half a day my music video to make it. I prefer staying secret about it, since it's a gag supposed to be at the end of my next video. All I can tell you is that the Baron saw it and said :

Once this was done, my gnomes lovers were waiting for me in Stormwind.
I did two more sequence and now I'm right in front of the bridge of this song !
I love bridges since they give me the freedom to step out of the general concept for a few seconds without people noticing too much :p. Like I did with the Big Lebowski scene in Where Evil Grows or the psychedelic weel of Shivas in I'm Only Sleeping.

So, after another monday at work, I'll be editing the bridge !

Might be over and up for the end of the week.