Barcelona ? Soy LOCO !

I'm going to Barcelonaaaaaaaaaaaa !
I already know the place and I can tell you I'm quite HAPPY !

I received an email from the BitFilm festival telling me that "I'm only sleeping" is among the top three films so it is quite probable that it will win the competiton. So they would therefore like to invite me to come to Barcelona for the award show next Thursday !!!!
So I can't stop jumping around.
I've been waiting till I have my train tickets before spreading the news !
And look at thoses buisness cards !!! :



Last time in my life I did thoses kinda cards was useless since I did not give any.
But this time, I swear on Mekkatorque that I'm gonna get drunk and every single card is gonna end in somebody's pocket !! Hips.
Free drinks ? Open bar ? yep !!!! That's the best part of a german organisation, free beer ! It's not my imagination it's written down here !

I don't believe one second I can win this award, there's so many great movies selected, but the simple fact of being part of the top 3 is totally fabulous, going to Barcelone is absolutely great, I really like thoses buisness cards and getting drunk !

Right now I just hope I'll not mess with all the different trains I gotta take, that I'll find my way in Barcelona without having to call a german guy to explain him in english the name of the spanish place I'm lost in.

to everyone who
voted for