The OliBitFilm Festival 2007 from a self centered point of view.

Me, trying to steal someone's job on las Ramblas

What a great time in Barcelona !
Ok, the first day was a bit too eventful for me. Let's just say that it was a bad idea to take the subway with my wallet in my back pocket. Next time it will stay under my turban !
Once completly liberated of material worries, like money, Moritz Hirchenhain (Assistant Festival Director) took me to a restaurant where all the Bitfilm crew was waiting for us.

Moritz, Lisa Stefanie und I, really glad to be happy !

A very warm welcome, a long table with happy and passionated people. Of course, machinima and digital films were the main topic of the diner. But also music, since there was music lovers and also Plemo, a band from Germany, mixing techno rythms, traditional instruments and oldschool video games sounds.

The lead singer of Plemo with his personal VJ and dready bro

But it was time to sleep because next day was THE day.

Tim and I, talking about music, cinema and german swear words.

Aaron Koenig (Festival Director) and Dagmar Ege (Technical Director) during the press conference.

At 7 pm began the award ceremony, the suspens did not last to long
because Machinima was the second category on the screen.
The audience saw the 3 top rated movies of each category.

This was the biggest Olibith I've ever seen !!!

And yep !!!
I won the GEE Machinima Award !!!
So Thanks to all the people who supported "I'm Only Sleeping", going straight to my gnome heart, Thanks to Blizzard for this universe I can play my own way,
Thanks to the Beatles, keep up the great work,
I'm sure one day you're gonna be something big
and Thanks to the BitFilm Festival.

Results of the Festival

An intense moment and something to hang above my desk !

The trophy, the certificate and a 1500 Euros price !

I was not completly drunk yet, so I decided to start tasting the free beers and a kinda strange flashy green melon liquor that I'm hooked on since. We all moved to a party on an orange boat, the first DJ was singing and playing guitar, something like Sid Barret mixed with some Dead Can Dance. While some guys were spreading paint buckets on the audience, no joke. The second DJ was doing everything he could so people cannot dance, but he sure was having a great time. So we went into the chillout zone and had a great time too.

Tim, Sylwia, Aaron, Stefanie and Lisa. Charming but too short moments on a crazy boat.

This was a splendid Festival, everybody was so happy to be here. The BitFilm crew is an amazing bunch of awsome people really devoted to their passion, really hope to see you again dudes !

And now i'm back in France, a bit tired but quite happy.
Oh the second price of the "Grand Prix Machinima 2007 du Festival du Jeux Vidéo" was delivered while I was in Spain. Lots of cool stuff, DVD's, gadgets, a Samsung SGH U600 phone (a splendid one, maybe a bit too fragile for a clumsy gnome),a USB memory key etc.

Mirabuleux !