Psychotic Dwarf !!!

I have problem once again controlling my toons. This time it's the dwarf that suddenly became kinda aggressive. This was just supposed to be a kinky music video, and it's becoming so weird that I don't even realise I'm editing, it's done when I wake up in the morning.

And what I discover every morning scares me more and more ! The dwarf is not only a pervert, he is also a terrorist and a kidnapper ! If I knew that I would not have began this video. I'm so lost now !

Last time I saw the dwarf, he was shopping but looked really strange.
What am I gonna see tomorrow, what will he do during my sleep ?

High Five Man ! I got you ! Ha ha haaa !
I'm not crazy yet but I'm trying hard, just not to disappoint you !
Oh and came from nowhere a sponsorship project with a big name in the gnome pervy industry !

But as it is a matter of big big money, I cannot talk about it right now.

Oh and about 1/3 of the video left to edit...

Oh and now some more feedbacks from the Bitfilm Festival !
Two articles, one in das Spiegel Online and another on EA Play
And, specially Daghorn, community manager, who once more, wrote a very nice article about my spanish adventures !