The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources

But I did not really understood this sentence and that's maybe why I'll tell you that Albert Einstein said it, and not me.

Looking a bit like Olibith, only a bit younger, with hair where the turban should be.

After the release of my strange dwarf, I got to work on Warcraftmovies contest !
But this video is my entry and I can't tell you anything about it or show you screenshots like this one.

Hours of composing for this scene, but Blizzard did the job, I shot it live !

This video is supposed to be funny, so it might be in the comedy category.
But there are also people dying and a lot of hate in this story, so it might be in the drama category too.
As the soundtrack is a song, it could also be on the music video category.
I'll choose later, depends on who's in each category, I'll wait till the end and enter the category with the worst movies as I always do.

This is the twist of the story, the hero dies.
So it's spoiling a lot to see this, please, unwatch it now !

This idea is quite simple, I don't know if I can make it a 2 minutes video, this will be a challenge to keep it funny. I want to keep it as simple as possible so it will fit to the song that is quite simple, a guitar, a voice and videogames sounds.

Rather be dead than n00b

I'm very happy with the feedbacks of the Sex Junkie, most of the people are laughing at this naughty weirdo. I'm sure he'll be soon back in my videos, I got to introduce him to some girls, help him find a job or something.

This movie should be done a lot faster than usually, due to live server shooting and simple concept. Then right after that, I'll be looking for a voice actor...