Silence is a source of great strength.

Well, that's what Lao Tzu used to say before dying trying to cut off his own tongue under water.

There's many good things happening and I can't really tell you about them for the moment.
I'm not superstitious, it's the best way to bring misfortune but those are only projects.
So you'll have some new screenshots of my Fabled Few entry that now is a bit more than a project.

C'mon lil' gnome ! Kick him in the nuts !

Job half done and I kinda like what it looks like, I just hope I'll not to be the only one because it's kinda oldschool and minimalist.

Watch your back lil' gnome !!

I'm going quite slowly with the editing, I wan't to be sure that, even if this video is very simple compare to my "Sex Junkie", I'm not rushing it.

Haha, you're dead fucking gnome ! made a nice interview, you can read it here if you speak french. If you don't, well you can learn French, it's very easy or just have a look and say : Well, it looks like a nice interview. I don't feel like translating it since I say a lot of bad things about people that are not french, and I need an international audience.