Teh N00b Song !

Release : November 14th at WarcraftMovies.com

Teh song is part of a great show, be sure to watch !

The music video is now done !! Come the hardest part... Not uploading it untill the contest ends.
Yep that's torture not to have any feedback before going on another project.
At least, you can listen to teh n00b song
It was supposed to be a very simple video, but sometimes making a 2 seconds clip with 8 babies murlocs and a dead gnome can take 4 hours...

They look nice but they smell like rotting fishes in the sun

I'm now going on another video, a TV show parody, looking for a male voice actor for the voice over.
If you think you can do that or know someone that could, check this thread.
I also asked Snoman
to help me with some scenes. Talking about Sno, you got to watch his
new movie, the Ultimate Dreamscape that is, in my opinion, his best work so far.