Not underground anymore

This is a flash header with dozens of little purple stars shining and moving !

What a spotlight !!!
Blizzard Europe gave me my chrismas present today !
And what a present !! An interview (Français/Deutsch/Español /English), all this linked to the blog, to the movies on WCM (even the Sex Junkie ! :D), screenshots etc etc !! I'm still shaking...

What does that means ?
That means that a whole lot of new people are gonna see my videos and that is the best gift I could ever get as a machinimaker !!!

That also means there will be a lot of people reading this blog, so ^^ :

-> Hey !! I'm unemployed and starving !!! Baron Soosdon too !!! ^^

Thanks big big big time to Daghorn from for everything he does for machinima, thanks a lot to Alestrir, to everyone who worked on this at Blizzard Europe and to everyone who supports the Gnome.

An to the n00bz who watch this blog and my videos for the first time :

Welcome ! Hope you'll like it !

I'll wake up in a few seconds, I can feel it...