It's up to the audience. It always has been

That's what Kate Smith used to say

Lot's of messages, comments and emails ! And with very nice words, motivating cheerings from all over the globe.
That sure makes the Gnome happy !
This Blizzard spotlight has already bring more than 180.000 downloads just on wcm !!!
Lot's of good things are happening, I'll tell you more soon.

Still machinimating waiting for the beginning of the Fabled Few contest.
I failed editing something for the Halloween contest, but seeing all thoses nice halloween machinimas made me wanna do something anyway.

A funny birthday party with the jet set of Azeroth.

Gonna be the parody of a trailer, an horror movie that maybe you can already guess seeing those screenshots. As a lazy dude, I was thinking that this would be done very fast, since I did not had to find any ideas, just copy the trailer. But, once I started, I saw that it's not that easy.

Something is going wrong with this party...

When I work on a personnal project, there's no rules, I can decide what's in the images so they're not too hard to compose. With this work, I have to find tricks do make it look like the real trailer, like drawing frame by frame a moving rope...
But I like what it looks like.

A zoo in Stormwind, not an easy place to find.

I'll try to voice act everything, since finding voice actors is quite difficult and makes a video taking ages to be done. And as long as I'm doing funny parodic stuff, I think I can try to do it by myself. I'm still looking for a male voice over for this documentary about Nagrand.

Oh, and one of the big names came to the #machinima IRC with a surrealis Idea. This is an image of what I did, but as it is supposed to stay secret, I've choose something that is not representative at all of what is really happening ^^.

Or the rabbit will die...