Luck is believing you're lucky !

Divx version here

Ohh I was damn lucky !
Yep.. I only had like 17% of the votes and so I was second of the music category. But the video who was first was also number one of the Gran Prize voting category. So it was lifted from the music category, wich made me first prize !
People did not liked much this video, as I was pretty sure they would, it was something like last in the Gran Prize chart. But anyway, Hey :

Thanks to everyone who voted for the gnome, all my sweet lovin' to them.

And thanks also to everyone who voted for Kenion ans his Black Rose, Grand Prize
My own personal Guru came first if the comedy category with my favorite movie of the whole contest.
Malus and Dopefish made a jewel a magical video, something that is closer to a painting than to a video, you definitely got to watch that several times. They won the first prize of the drama category wich is so deserved.