In the lovely rolling plains and foot hills of Nagrand

Back in the machinima after a few days killing people in Damas and Jerusalem, murdering things to buy myself a gyrocopter and of course working.
Spending my days making little movie clips in Flash is great. But it sure takes me away from my PC and Vegas when I'm back home.
But tonight I decided to edit again, Vilaeryn wonderfuly rewrote a script for me, ShockDingo did a fabulous voice acting and the Baron shot some beautifull images, so that's really motivating !
Music might also come soon, I've been contacted while playing WoW by a music composer.

This is gonna be about elekks living in Nagrand, believe me when I tell you that those animals are ridiculous. A parody of the National Geographic, something I have in mind since last summer and that might be done for christmas.

As there's always never ending rendering times, I'll keep you up to date right here !