Sadly, their numbers are on decline...

Evil wild gnomes killing Elekks just to sell ivory to buy some booze. Yep, they never eat this kind of meat and they prefer to make clothes with talbuks leather. It's a good thing you read this blog because there will not be any information about the evil wild gnomes in the documentary.

Elekks are so cute when they're babies ! Already dumb and blind but very clumsy.
This editing work is very relaxing, Nagrand is a nice place, elleks are ugly but quite cool.
I'm really having a lot of fun working with Shockdingo's voice that still sounds so good after hearing it so many times. Still waiting for the music score, in case it's canceled I've seen a magical software at work that can make me pretend I'm a "tv animal documentary music composer", wich can be far from a "musician".

Yes, you know I love randomness. Olibith and Anna Lyse 200 (joli nom non ?^^) under a beach umbrella. What the hell is this doing in this documentary ? It's not even in the proper 16/9 ratio ! Well, maybe it's just a poster on a wall. But there's no walls where elekks live, well I guess time will tell.