Remember that Satan has his miracles, too...

That's what John Calvin used to say every night to his imaginary tiger friend Hobbes just to freak him out because he was bored and had problems falling asleep.

Monkey sees, monkey poo

The release of Teh N00b Song is in 4 days, that will not be enough to finish this horrible trailer !
It takes much more time than I wanted, because there's also will be a bit of work with the soundtrack. I like it but I want so much to start on another project more personal that I'm taking even more time to be sure not to rush this one. Don't know if I make sense.^^

Stage 6 boss smiling on his last moderators casting.

With all those emails, you meet people, and it looks like the female voices of this trailer are gonna be made by a nice gnome. She just told me that if I needed any voice one day I could ask her. Now she's got an entire video to voice act because I'm evil.
I think she'll do the job very well !

That's your baby, or just pretend coz yours is dead, we killed him.

Another cooperative project just came yesterday night, something that has to be released for chrismas. Once again, that's all I can tell you !

Will he stab his own mother or just decapitate her ?

And get ready for something amazing coming from the Baron !
This is his Fabled Few entrie and it's, in my opinion, the best thing he ever did,
ok that's a comedy and I'm fond of comedys.
But honestly, this is looking freakin awsome.
Look at that :

Yep, it's not only damn funny, it's also damn splendid...