Work spares us from three evils: machinima, vice, and need

Well that's what Voltaire used to say when he was on the beach, enjoying his vacation with many hores from all around the globe, while smoking a phat blunt. Yep the guy invented the word machinima in 1760 at 4.20 pm, he was certain that one day this would mean something. Genius.

I finally edited the last scene of what was supposed to be fast editing job, done in a couple of nights. In fact it was a bit longer and I'm quite happy with what came out of this parody.
And it's not over yet, still got to make it sound good.

When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you

Fanfrelune d'Elune did a great job on the female voices, my turn now to record the male ones. If I sound too bad compare to her, I'll ask for some help. So this movie could be ready very fast if I still was at home with plenty of time to kill.

What the hell is gonna happen to her ?

Today was my first day on a new job ! Yep, I got to wake up at 6am now and this will certainely slow a bit my machinima flow. It's a quite challenging job that will need a lot of learning and practicing before feeling confortable and creative. And I'd better the man they need quite fast.

Who let the wolfs out ?

Thanks again to all the people writing to me from this blog and YouTube, all my apologies for not answering as I would like to. The folder where I store the emails I wanna answer to is now like a giant time eating monster staring at me with a sadistic smile. Something tells me that it's gonna be here growing for a while before I can do something about it. Sorry again.