Dave of Azeroth

Looks like a light comin' from yon shrubbery !

Job is done !
Vilaeryn and Shockdingo both worked so fast and so good that they made it possible !!

I don't know when Blizzard is gonna show the choosen machinimas and so give the right to publish every submitted ones. This time I can guaranty a "Teen" rating, compare to this video, Titanic is non stop porn.

I swear on wowdelviewer that this orc is not in the movie !!

I'm not sure there will be another machinima soon, I'm about to have a pretty busy life during this summer, like renovating and moving in an new but old appartment (1980 grandma's style) or drawings 20 pages for a technical book about plants. And my graphic designer contract ends after 8 month the 11th of July, so there's a chance I have to find a new job too.

Subliminal image, too late, you'll think about it during years...