Ventured into the spores...

The worst company ever, the Venture trading Company

Made it just in time, once again thank so much to Vilaeryn and Shockdingo for helping me so much !! Now just have to wait, I uploaded, trailer, movie and fake ad to the contest.

But I guess I'm not tired yet... Don't have the time to machinimate another movie but, hey : got time for little tests !

I downloaded Spore Creature Creator demo tonight... Not to play it, have fun, chill and waste my time ohh no no no ! I did it with total devotion to art and machinima.

I don't want any pothead comments here, my god, drugs make you see drugs everywhere...

This game looks great, creating a living thing is a great fun and the possibilities are amazing. With just a bit of changes, it could be a very good machinima tool.
There is a video capture feature ingame but there's not much you can do with it, definition is just good enough for youtube. You can't hide the interface to capture with fraps, the camera is locked centered on the creature,you can just turn around, zoom in/out
Sporemodelviewer could be great.

Oh ! and BTW ! Never Stay Tuned 3 PlatiniumZ @ WCM !!!

OMG screenshoted too soon