Worldwide Invitationaaaaaaaal !

Man, that's a goody bag !

It's been years since I did not saw Paris, going back there for Blizzard WWI is quite special.
And I've never been to any nerd meeting in my life, I don't even have any video game soundtrack in my mp3 player ! Will there be places where you can buy beers inside ?
Will I understand people talking to me in english if I'm drunk enough to talk to them ? How long can I play to a video game in a non smoking area ? What's inside the goody bag ? Is the beta-key for Diablo 3 ? World of Starcraft ?? World of Lost Vikings ??? How many succubus will I see ???? What about the machinima contest ?????
All the answers and maybe some pictures next week !

Excuse me but I'm a bit lost... am I at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational ?