There in Dalaran is a place that is now my favorite one of all videogames

There's a reference
to Never Stay Tuned in
Wrath of the Lich King !!!
please don't wake me no don't shake me !

I never thought seeing a NPC could make my heart beat so fast...

I can't believe it yet, just saw that in the forums a few hours ago and I'm totally nuts since.
Yes, the gnome eater, the Cook, teh Troll IS an actual NPC in Dalaran city (horde side) and he's nothing less than the Grand Master Cooking Trainer. And if that wasn't enough, he's named after a great african musician Awilo Longomba, if you saw the machinimas you sure know why.
I've been told that Oxhorn also got one of his character in WOTLK and there are rumors about the Baron also having his own reference in Valgarde, wich I really hope.
For several reasons I cannot see the NPC in the beta and get a closer screenshot yet, be sure I'll upload it asap.

Tribute to teh Troll

Be sure I'll be a pain for those around me for at least a week !
I'm over-excited !!!