Time, space, matter and a gnome

The device has been modified

I'm about half way through this video, now called "Le Terroriste" !
There will be a lot of talking and yep, still in French. For those having problems reading subtitles and watching at the same time, I will this time, and this time only, let you watch the movie as many time as you want. I just found the music in Wrath of the Lich King's beta datas, this one is very different from any other WoW music, very creepy. Almost every sounds comes from Mass Effect and WoW but the noise of the spaceship is homemade by recording nothing and playing with the sound till it sounds good... Well I hope so.

Man, the camera operator was very very small...

With this Dragon laptop, I'm able to watch a live preview of the movie while editing it. I don't have time to smoke anything that aint already rolled, what was taking me 10 minutes to render now takes me one. I can render several effects and layers of all kinds at the same time and you know what ? It works !!! I can finally work with uncompressed videos so this will be the first time I'll have to encode this kind of monster... I'll ask my technical guru about that.
Editing has changed 100% compare to what it was with my old piece of junk. WoW's framerate is 12fps no more and is now indecent. I've been a little into After Effects during this quiet summer at work, it's a very rich tool that is not noob friendly at all. I will just use it for the credits and wait to know a little more about it before "thinking AE" from the begining.
I also tried a very popular software that moves lips and it's not Singstar, there's will be some of my first tries in Le Terroriste. Should be done in time for the Wegame august contest I'll be able this time to show the movie instantly after it's done.