And The winner is...

Pinkhair !
with :

The Robber Baron of Warsong Gulch

And there are 3 reason why that makes me very happy. First one is that it was a movie that I really enjoyed watching, unique, witty and so well done. The second reason is that I know how Pinkhair needed a new computer, his old one almost died in the making of this machinima. I know that the über roXXor PC that he won is now in good hands, hands that will torture it with crazy 3D rendering and other pleasures we will witness with delight in the future.
Third reason is a selfish one, there is a small part of Olibith in this movie, and that's SO sweeeeeet !
Congratulations Pink, you deserved this big time.

Here you'll find the complete results of the contest.
"Le Terroriste" got an honorable mention, the last one of the 12 winners list to get promotional t-shirt and stickers. Maybe the jury was not the pothead type needed for my nonsenses.
Maybe next time.