N33D H3LP ! I've been pwnz0red by a bug

Die bug DIE !

Ohhh how I hate that. You know when things are going wrong and there's no reason for that.

First, I had the sad surprise to see that even my roxxor laptop can't run wow and record video at the same time. Well it can but with every video settings down to the ground and only 10-20 frames per second + a few freezes.But that's ok, I 've been used to record at less than 5 frames per seconds with my old PC, speeding things up and deleting freezed frames one by one. I can deal with that.

But now is another problem, much much more annoying.
Wowmodelviewer bugs...

What is quite strange to me is that it happens :
- with the actual version of the viewer + the wotlk I'm playing daily without any bug.
- with an older wow (2.4.3) + wmv 0.5.09b, on a separate hard drive (was working fine for "Le Terrorist").
Clothes are totally bugged too, same bug as for characters, textures are the right ones but "missplaced", like several time the same piece of mapping repeated.
When I browse NPC's, the color of their skin is pitch black.
Objects, spells, items, creatures and world seem to be ok though. I can make a 100% murlocs movie whenever I want to.

Iknow I've been a naughty boy and I've been playing with textures...
But I never touched any WoW files, just using Texmod that finds, saves and modifys Direct3D textures in DirectX applications. Benefits are that you don't have to modify any files of your application's installation and you don't need any game specific modding tools. I can't see why this utility would affect wowmodelviewer this way. Once again, thanks Mekkatorke, WoW works fine without any texture bugs.

The worst thing is I don't know shit about the way wowmodelviewer and textures work. I asked and searched around and it seems to be an like an orphan disease...

I'll keep on searching, a little more delay before next machinima.

Another bad news is Youtube that is taking down some of my machinimas for copyrighted reasons. First it was "Why Do Birds" and now it's "Something Stupid". I guess both the Carpenters and the Sinatras needed money for the cryochamber and they might have thought I was stealing from them.

Let's end with 2 GOOD NEWS !
It's been now a month that "The Terrorist" is featured in the french Youtube iPhone selection !

And there's now an Olibith group on Facebook, thanks a lot to Joanna and the 19 members !!!

Thanks for reading this long complain, looks like it had to came out.