Let's call it an undocumented feature

After days of a terrible war, help from many machinima armies... the bug won...
I'll have to brainwash my laptop.

Certainely a personal virus sent by the Sinatras or the Carpenters.

Everything I tried made it even more intriguing for la crème of the geeks.
OK then.

I've been cleaning my old PC, I just kept an old WoW, an old wowmodelviewer and Fraps. Enough to capture what I'll need too for this actual project. Once it will be done, I'll have to format the laptop drive wich is to me a real trauma since I suck at saving datas and installing systems, pilots etc...

Dalaran, Azeroth's thyroid gland.

I've been working on the story board, got a lot of work with this concert in Dalaran. Why did I choose the most laggy city of the game ? Anyway, I cheated, no more outdoor concert, I found a place that will be even better with less polygons to calculate. But don't tell anyone it's not in Dalaran, at least don't tell any roleplayers.

Most of the people in Dalaran have come here from the far
to try to make enough gold to go back to Ironforge...
on a motorcycle or a giant mammoth.

There wille be 3 songs in the movie, each one with a very different feeling. First one will be about traveling, second one about technology and the last about small people who lost their city... 12 minutes, I can tell you that the storyboard is quite scary and the ideas that may come in the editing will make it even longer.
As if I needed them now, many ideas are also coming for futur machinimas, an intrusive one about Awilo as the main character, many stupid clip ideas for NST4, some copyrighted music videos I'd like to do too... Many mental storyboards haunting me but first, this concert, I promised.