Blizzard© just killed me !!!

Tonight was the first time I had the chance to properly visit the Horde side of Dalaran.
I wanted to pay a visit to Awilo Lon'gomba, Grand Master Cooking Trainer, my all time favorite game Non-Playing-Character in the galaxy. I spent a looong time watching him cutting meat, watching his nice kitchen, every details.
I saw he had a female troll cooking with him and I really loved the way she looked : Red rasta dreadlocks and dressed with the Ethiopian flag colors.
Her name is Misensi, hehe, really loved that name too.

Then I had a déjà vu feeling... As I practiced tonight some rastafarian meditation while playing, I was certain it was nothing.
But unusually this déjà vu lasted.
I knew that I once created a similar reggae troll female for the 420 section of Never Stay Tuned 2. This blue skin troll with green, yellow and red outfit was such a pain to chroma key that I sure remember her, but not every details. I wanted to check how close Misensi was to my troll.


OMFG even the earrings are the same.

Now I really need to cut down on video games for good and look for a good therapist.

"When I play video games doctor, I have the feeling I created some of the characters before they existed in the game.

Thanks a lot to whoever at Blizzard made it possible,
World of Warcraft is teh game I've played the most in my life and you have no idea how amazingly great it feels being part of it. Thank you so much.

And, please please please Baron don't hate me...