Never Stay Tuned 4 rumors...

Concert has been put back...

Well... I've been thinking about this, a lot.
For the first time since I machinimate, I'm stuck into something too big. I've been working on this concert video since now 2 month and only 2 minutes are done, I mean almost done.
1 minute/month for a 12 minutes concert at least, that would mean more than a year.
Filming a real concert is just about having a lot of cameras and then smart editing. The 3 /talk emotes of my singer is clearly not enough to keep people watching for 12 minutes, so it needs a lot of ideas and a lot of special effects to keep it watchable. Add to that the fact that with a private machinima server and texture changing it takes me, after a daily training, 1 hour to recreate from scratch the scene and everything around before I can do anything...

As it will take ages to machinimate I decided to pause the concert. I'm not giving up, I'll work on it little by little. That's the only way if I don't want to make a video with repetitive scenes and a boring experience for the viewers.

Ok, so ? What's next ? My mental notebook was about to explode so maybe was it time to start editing Never Stay Tuned 4

Some guests already started to work, and I cannot wait to see those sequences, once again they have total freedom inside the concept of wow channel surfing. Here's a screenshot from a guest sequence, I will not tell you yet who he or she is. All I can say is that it is hilarious.

Looks like he's prepared

AFK pl@yers did another amazing video, it's a wicked baseball game, the English version is now available HERE . You really need to watch this, this is awesomeness.

They needed ads and I made them 2, you can see the first one in the movie !

Kakekoki koka kekaki

Be back very very soon with screenshots and news about NST4 !