I'd love my Gnome steak bloody please Sir.

Lil' gnomes on the hillside, lil' gnomes made of tasty yummy

Feels good to work again with Awilo, always ready for some action and this Troll really is hungry for art. This clip is now almost done, nope this is not YumYum TV nor UDMTV but some will say it's just a mix of both. Nope, this is much more than that, actually it's a mix of both plus N3RD TV. After Effects is like magic glue, what took 5 minutes in Vegas now takes an hour with AE without counting the new ideas that comes in the process and that I got to try before going to sleep. Ahh... Sleeping... overrated.

I've been working with new voice actors recently on the very first sequence of NST4, Eriyanna and Druox. They both did an excellent and hilarious job and I'm so gonna need their talents again soon.
I always wanted to have a proper microphone to record my kakekikoku kakeki kako and other bouyaka sankhalua, so I asked around and Caruu pointed me a great and simple solution I could afford.

It was about time I had something a little more pro than my headset mic

I just had an evening to test and check it's amazing quality compare to my old mic and then it started to make a freaking strange click/pop sound every seconds... So I tried everything to understand WHY... And it looks like there's a hardware problem with it. It will travel back to Germany soon and I hope next one will work just fine... That, for example, the click sound is not coming from a neighbour's brand new iron lung or something.

Hey ??... maybe she smoked too much pot,
had the munchies and drank too much tomato juice ?